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25-09-2006, 22:37
Στην εκθεση CEDIA παρουσιαστηκε ενας νεος προβολεας 1080 τεχνολογιας LCOS απο μια νεοεμφανιζομενη εταιρια την Cinetron o HD-900 με εντυπωσιακα χαρακτηριστικα και δελεαστικη (κατω των 6000 δολλαριων) τιμη!

Projection Technology Three LCoS Projection system LCoS
Panel Technology: LCoS (Liquid Crystal-on-Silicon)
Panel Size: 0.7΅¨
Panel Arrangement:3 panels, in R, G, B
Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Light Engine Full HD CRYSTALR
Light Engine Lamp 250W UHP Projection
Lens Type: Powered zoom, Powered Focus Zoom Ratio: 1.35: 1 F-number: 2.9 ~ 3.6 Lens Offset: 100%
Iris Control: 30%, 60%, 100% (TBD)
Projection Size 40 ~ 300 inch (Diagonal, 16:9) Throw Distance for 100"3.57m ~ 4.87m
Brightness 1,000 ANSI lumens (Picture Mode: Dynamic)
Contrast Ratio 6,000:1
Color Depth 30 bits (10 bits per channel)
Lamp Life 2,000 hours (Standard)
Keystone Adjustment Vertical and Horizontal
Video Processing Silicon Optix Realta T2™
Video Compatibility NTSC: M, 4.43Mhz PAL: B, D, G, H, I, M, N SECAM: B, D, G, K, K1, L
Signal Compatibilities RGB Composite video Y/C Video
VGA: fH: 31.5 ~ 100k Hz, fV: 43 ~ 85 Hz Component: 50/60 Hz
DTV : 480i, 480P, 576i, 576P, 720i, 720P, 1080i, 1080P
Input Digital: DVI x 1 Composite x 1 S-Video x 1 Component x 1 (3 RCA) Analog RGB: VGA x 1 (D-sub 15 pin) E
xternal Control I/O System: USB: Type A Trigger: DC 12V x 1 (Mini Jack)
Color Modes Dynamic/standard/Natural/Theater/User #1/User #2/User #3
OSD Languages English/French/Spanish/German/Italian/Dutch/Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese/Japanese Remote Control I/R receiving window x 2 (front and back)
Projection Positions Front Table/Front Ceiling/Rear Table/Rear Ceiling Power AC 100 ~ 240v, 50/60Hz P
ower Consumption Maximum: <350W
Standby: <0.3W Noise < 24 dB Dimension TBD, 462(W) X 155 (H) X 390 (D) Compliance CE, FCC Class B Weight 15Kg (Approx.) Supplied Accessories Remote Control x 1/Power Cord x 1/USB cable x 1

25-09-2006, 22:43
Δεν διεκδικει τιτλους ομορφιας:


25-09-2006, 22:47
Αλλα οσοι τον ειδαν στην εκθεση ειπαν πολυ καλα λογια για την εικονα που προσφερει (ειδικα στην τιμη αυτη)... ;)



25-09-2006, 22:54
Μερικα ακομα screenshots απο τον drapp1952 (μελος του Avsforum). H πηγη ειναι το toshiba HD-DVD Α1 και software το U-571 σε 1080p:




25-09-2006, 22:58
Σπάει το μονοπώλιο της JVC δηλαδή; μήπως είναι κανας "κλώνος" κάποιας γνωστής εταιρείας;

25-09-2006, 22:59
Kαι μερικα τεχνικα:


The 1.35x powered zoom and powered focus projection lens contents 15 full glass elements arranged in 13 groups. Three ED lens elements are applied to reduce color aberrations to the lowest level. Cinetron designed the lens from the ground up and have it fabricated by the top tier optical manufacturers. The MTF and uniformity of our lens is without the doubt the highest among the competition.

HD-900 incorporated the most advanced motion adaptive de-interlacing, noise reduction and video scaling technology. Capable of processing the most stable, clean and true-to-live HD signals, Silicon Optix's sxT2 Realta™ chip is not only applying these exquisite technologies to full High Definition source, it also up-converts all the SD analog signals and low resolution digital input signals to 1080P resolution.
All the analog sources were converted with 12-bit ADC before processed by the sxT2 REALTA™. The video processor then output 10-bit signal to the LCoS driving circuit. The information being processed all reserved with more than sufficient information for getting the best performance.

25-09-2006, 23:01

The patented Full HD CRYSTAL Engine™ and the optical projection system deliver the image with stunning native 6,000:1 contrast ratio. It was designed to maximize the performance of LCoS panels and deliver the resolution of 1080P full HD quality. The highly synthesis matrix of reflective and polarization components ensure the light that passes through each display panel with the highest contr a st. Therefore, the contrast ratio that the projector produced came from the light path and high-grade optical components rather than that of manipulated by Iris and thus producing the most nature image without unwanted artifacts.

25-09-2006, 23:03
Σπάει το μονοπώλιο της JVC δηλαδή; μήπως είναι κανας "κλώνος" κάποιας γνωστής εταιρείας;

Ειναι της ιδιας τεχνολογιας αλλα μαλλον "στοχευει" εναντιον του Pearl και των φθηνων DLP 1080 (Οptoma, BenQ).
Ανυπομονω να τον δουμε και στην Ευρωπη!

Μελίδης Μιχάλης
26-09-2006, 07:18
Το U-571 είναι μια από τις ταινίες που σε HD είναι πραγματική απόλαυση σε ευκρίνεια και σε δύσκολα ημίφωτα και σκοτεινά πλάνα.
Καλή επιλογή να τον δοκιμάσουν με αυτήν την ταινία. Πολύ θα ήθελα να τον έβλεπα.