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BUCK-3603 DC-DC step-down DC module is a digital display, digital control, constant voltage constant current
buck module, small size, high power, high efficiency, stable.
Input voltage 6-40V output turn 0-36V, output current 0-3A;
with digital voltage meter functions can be easily view the preset voltage, output voltage, preset current,
the output current by digital.
Example: You can set up a high-power universal charger, you can build a sophisticated maintenance power supplies.

1.the use of advanced microprocessor, can precisely regulated output voltage and current;
2. with memory save function, can store 10 groups of parameters, and can free memory, recall;
3. the use of Taiwan origin of high quality LM2596S-ADJ as power devices, with the CV and CC loop peripheral
precision op amp configuration, greatly improved the overall performance of the module;
4. all-digital display, easy to use;
5. with a constant voltage, constant current;
6. the use of four high-brightness LED, can display the output voltage, current, power and capacity and other parameters in real time;
7. automatic / manual switching display voltage, current, power, capacity and other parameters;
8. with the output OUT, constant voltage CV, constant current CC indicator, you can view real-time job status;
9. you can set whether to automatically output after power;
10.can be a key to save the current set of voltage and current values
Size: 6.6x5cm/2.6x2inch

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