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    Sony KD XG9505 / 49XG9005 : Reviews - -

    xg9505 .


    KD XG9505 : F.A.L.D. Direct LED LCD,VA panel (RGB-Vertical stripe),
    100/120Hz MCFI + ,X-Motion Clarity,
    X1 Ultimate,
    WCG (aka Triluminos Display, PFS phosphor),
    android tv 8.0 (Oreo) upgradable to Android tv 9.0 (Pie) ,
    HDR10,HLG,Dolby Vision,IMAX Enhanced,
    X-Wide Angle (75",85").


    KD XF9005

    XG9505 vs XF9005

    XG9505 XF9005:

    X1 Ultimate vs X1 Extreme
    X-Wide Angle 75",85",VA panel + wide angle prism filter
    Better and faster operating system-new SoC (CPU,GPU,RAM)
    Dolby Atmos support
    New sound system-Multi Acoustic Audio ( tweeter)
    Input Lag reduced
    new remote control (RMF-TX600E,Silver )
    hands free Voice Control- Sony)
    pre-installed Autocal app
    XG9505: 4 full 4K/60 HDMI inputs
    metal thinner legs
    eARC support : yes
    new action menu
    Netflix calibrated mode
    Airplay 2 and HomeKit compatibility will be available via firmware upgrade

    XG9505 new SoC :

    Platform: Sony BRAVIA UR2
    MediaTek MT5893
    Installed RAM 2.5 GB
    Core Architecture:4x ARM Cortex-A73 @ 1500MHz
    CPU Cores:4
    GPU Renderer:Mali-G71



    True RGB VA-type LCD panel which delivers deep blacks by LED LCD standards. Native ANSI blacks was 0.033 cd/m2 if peak white was set at 120 cd/m2 with local dimming disabled.

    -[65"]...F.A.L.D:6 vertical columns x 10 horizontal rows : 60 independently dimmable zones ,

    -PFS LED
    -DCI-P3 colour gamut coverage : 93,9%

    Peak Brightness
    10% window: 1098 nits on a 10% window after calibration to D65 white point
    Full-field: 720 nits

    ...Sony 's local dimming algorithm is the best in the business.It strikes a wonderful balance between keeping blacks deep and blooming to a minimum.The biggest compliment I can pay to Sony 's local dimming is that it very rarely draws attention to itself,in terms of luminance fluctuations or dimming lag,however given the limited number of local dimming zones ,some blooming or haloing artifacts are inevitable,when there is bright object against dark background,if watched in a pitch-black room,especially in HDR where backlight is driven to maximum,to fulfill the peak brightness demand on high dynamic range HDR content.All high nit LED LCDs in fact ,I strongly recommend the use of some gentle bias lighting to reduce the visibility of blooming and make letterbox bars look darker...


    KD49XG9005 :F.A.L.D. Direct LED LCD,VA panel (RGB),
    100/120Hz MCFI + ,X-Motion Clarity,
    X1 Extreme,
    WCG (aka Triluminos Display, PFS phosphor),
    android tv 8.0 (Oreo),
    HDR10,HLG,Dolby Vision,
    Airplay via app,
    3840 x 2160 QFHD -4K UHD.

    KD49XF9005 , KD49XG9005 . 49XG9005 (2019) KD49XH9505 (2020).

    KD49XG9005 SoC
    Platform : Sony BRAVIA ATV3
    MediaTek MT5891
    Core Architecture: 4x ARM Cortex-A53
    CPU Cores: 4
    Installed RAM : 2 GB
    GPU Renderer : Mali T-860
    GPU Cores : 2

    H KD49XG9005 2020 KD49XH9505

    KD49XH9505 :F.A.L.D. Direct LED LCD,VA panel (RGB),
    100/120Hz MCFI + ,X-Motion Clarity,
    X1 Ultimate,
    WCG (aka Triluminos Display, PFS phosphor),
    android tv 9.0 (Pie),
    HDR10,HLG,Dolby Vision,Dolby Atmos
    Airplay 2 & Homekit,
    new User Interface
    new remote

    Model: BRAVIA 4K UR2
    MediaTek MT5893

    Installed RAM 2.5 GB

    Core Architecture:4x ARM Cortex-A73 @ 1500MHz
    CPU Cores:4
    CPU Clock : 1032 - 1500 MHz
    Core 1 Clock : 1500 MHz
    Core 2 Clock : 1500 MHz
    Core 3 Clock : 1500 MHz
    Core 4 Clock : 1500 MHz

    GPU Renderer:Mali-G71
    OpenGL ES:3.2




    Dimensions XG9505...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058298333

    [sony.gr]...KD-XG95 series...https://www.sony.gr/electronics/supp...es/kd-55xg9505

    [sonypremiumhome.com]...XBR-55X950G specifications...http://www.sonypremiumhome.com/premi...sion/X950G.php


    : Android 9 Pie Sony 2018-2019 ( AF9, ZF9, AG9, ZG9, XG85/XG87 XG95) - 11 2019...https://www.sony.gr/electronics/supp...icles/00236430

    - v6.3598 ( Android 9 Pie)...https://www.sony.gr/electronics/supp...loads/00016479


    : 29-01-2020


    HDMI input x4 ( eARC)
    USB x3 ( USB 3.0)
    Analog Audio Out mini jack 3.5mm x1 ( )
    Digital Optical Audio Out x1
    Bluetooth 4.2: keyboard/mouse/gamepad, A2DP Bluetooth ,.
    PVR ready: , 32GB
    Composite input (AV) / Component input (Y / Pb / Pr) : Yes / No
    DTS/DivX :
    Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
    Ethernet-LAN x1
    Remote control Google Play & Netflix.
    smartphone :Video & TV SideView (iOS/Android)
    DVB-T2 HD (H.265/HEVC)x2,DVB-S2 x2

    Made in Slovakia.


    Unboxing :

    Unboxing Sony KD65XG9505+picture settings...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058297260


    Reviews - tests :

    75"...[lesnumeriques.com]...Sony KD-75XG9505 test...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058287933

    75"...[flatpanelshd.com]...Sony KD75XG9505 review,picture settings...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058291743

    5 horizontally and 12 vertically (5x12=60) the number of dimming zones

    75"...[hdtvpolska.com]...Sony KD-75XG9505 test...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058298333

    75"...[homecinemamagazine.nl]...Sony KD-75XG9505 review,picture settings...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058300227

    75"...[tweakers.net]...Sony KD75XG9505 review...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058317950

    75"...[dday.it]...Sony KD75XG9505 test...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058332051

    75"...[altadefinizione.hdblog.it]...Sony KD75XG9505 review...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058345031

    65"...[hdtvtest.co.uk]...Sony KD-65XG9505 review...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058304362

    55"...[rtings.com]...Sony XBR55X950G review,calibration settings...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058295372

    55"...[avforums.com]...Sony KD-55XG9505 review...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058343011

    55"...[avmania.e15.cz]...Sony KD55XG9505 test...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058303186

    55"...[geex.x-kom.pl]...Sony KD55XG9505 review...https://geex.x-kom.pl/recenzje/nieus...sony-55xg9505/

    google pl to en

    49"...[lesnumeriques.com]...Sony KD49XG9005 test...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058365086


    Comparison :

    65"...[hdtvtest.co.uk]...Samsung QE65Q90RA vs Sony KD-65XG9505...https://avclub.gr/forum/showthread.p...post1058332687

    55"...[rtings.com]...Sony XBR55X900F vs Sony XBR55X950G side-by-side comparison...https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/comp...-x950g/585/764

    Sony X950G vs LG SM9500 side-by-side comparison...https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/comp...sm9500/764/838


    55XG9505 : x x : 123cm x 78cm x 28cm

    55XG9505 x x : 123cm x 71cm x 7cm



    - :

    KD85XG9505 : 5.399
    KD75XG9505 : 4.599
    KD65XG9505 : 2.849
    KD55XG9505 : 2.049
    KD49XG9005 : 1.549
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    Gangurus ag@miTus

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    Re: Sony KD XG9505 / 49XG9005 : Reviews - -

    55 Panasonic u10
    . .
    , .
    , , , pana , u10
    4 1080. hdr . tweeking . .
    Gangurus ag@miTus

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    Re: Sony KD XG9505 / 49XG9005 : Reviews - -


    reviews , calibration .

    flatpanelshd.com 75"

    Picture settings:
    (Note: We include calibration settings only for SDR, not HDR. For our calibration we have deactivated the ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the backlight setting according to your environment. You may prefer to have it enabled.)


    Brightness:15 ( )
    Contrast:90 ( )
    Black level:50 ( )
    Adv. contrast enhancer:Off
    Automatic local dimming:Medium (SDR) / High (HDR)
    X-tended Dynamic Range:Off

    Color balance:0
    Color temperature:Expert 1
    Live color : off

    Reality creation : off
    Random noise reduction : off
    Digital noise reduction: off
    Smooth gradation:Low (SDR/HDR10) / Off (Dolby Vision)

    Film mode: off


    homecinemamagazine.nl (75")

    The best choice starts from the Cinema Pro mode.

    SDR (standard dynamic range) settings

    Image mode: User
    Auto Image mode: Off
    Brightness: 15-35*
    Color: 50
    Light sensor: on *

    *The 'User' image mode provides the best calibrated start. We did notice that it is very clear (with Sony, 'Brightness' refers to the level of the backlight). If you look at darkening, lower it earlier to 15. If you stay at 35, it is best to activate the light sensor.

    Advanced settings:

    Brightness: 15-35 *
    Contrast: 90
    Gamma: -2
    Black level: 50
    Black adjust: off
    Advanced. Contrast optimization : Off
    Automatic Local dimming: Middle
    X-tended Dynamic Range: Off (With Xtended Dynamic Range, your SDR images can give an HDR effect, but it mainly makes images brighter, and brings a little extra white detail.)

    Color: 50
    Color tone: 0
    Color Temperature: Expert 1
    Live Color: Off

    Sharpness: 50
    Reality Creation: Auto *
    Reduce random noise: Low *
    Reduce digital noise: Low *
    Smooth Gradation: Low

    *Reality Creation: improves detail display. The Auto mode is generally fine, whoever prefers the pure approach turns it off, or switches to Manual 20. For more detail you can go up to 40, but avoid higher settings.
    *Activate both noise suppressions in the lowest position, especially if you set Reality Creation higher than 20. In that case we would even recommend 'Middle'.

    If you would like to see some extra sharpness and depth in the image, activate Reality Creation. In that case, you absolutely want to activate the noise reduction, otherwise this setting also makes all noise much more visible. Color gradations remain nicely free of color bands, thanks to 'Smooth gradation', these settings are best left in the low position.

    MotionFlow: Auto, or flexibility 2, brightness 1.
    Film Mode: Auto

    *Motionflow: out for the purists, car for those who opt for the easiest solution. Manual tinkering is also possible. Then set flexibility to 2 and brightness to 1.

    Just like the XF90 (which remains available this year) and the ZF9, the XG95 uses X-Motion Clarity. He thereby combines the local dimming options of the background lighting with 'black frame insertion' (BFI) to achieve sharper motion detail without greatly dimming the brightness of the image. You leave Motionflow on, by the way, in the 'auto' mode if you simply want the smoothest result with the best detail. An artifact here or there remains possible. Alternatively, choose 'Manual' and set Suppleness to 2 or 3 (depending on your taste) and Brightness to 1, with these settings the Sony brings out all the details, and the image hardly loses brightness.

    If you watch a lot in strong daylight, try the Cinema setting.
    If you look at darkening, it is best to activate the light sensor

    HDR settings:

    Here too the User image mode is the best choice.

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    Re: Sony KD XG9505 / 49XG9005 : Reviews - -

    calMAN auto cal;
    Gangurus ag@miTus

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    Re: Sony KD XG9505 / 49XG9005 : Reviews - -

    Update hdr.
    Gangurus ag@miTus

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    Re: Sony KD XF9005 : Reviews - -

    . service 9505; .

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    Re: Sony KD49XG9005 ;


    : ~2,50m
    ( ,):
    ( ,,,): /
    - (,,,gaming,digea,) : 4 Netflix / 4K Youtube / TV / FHD & 4K
    (sd,hd,HDR,streaming): Netflix / Youtube / SSD
    tv: 26'' 1080i
    : The best.
    , Apple Store ;


    H KD49XG9005 VA panel,F.A.L.D. LED LCD 100/120Hz panel 49"-50" .
    . .
    Plaisio, 799 () 5 site Public .
    .. !!!!
    wifi 5GZ 4K . Android ( apple fan) .
    Sony 4 video Youtube ...
    . HD digea ( . .. Open HD 1 HD. ;

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    Re: Sony KD49XG9005 ;

    . HD digea ( . .. Open HD 1 HD. ;
    , ,,.

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    Re: Sony KD49XG9005 ;


    49, stand ?

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    Re: Sony KD49XG9005 ;


    49, stand ?

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