Another Round of InFocus Rebates

17 June 2006
Just a quick update on another round of projector rebates from InFocus, I hate the idea of someone missing out on a rebate and wanted to make sure this one didn’t slip by. The last round of rebates from Infocus might not have thrilled many at $300 but this batch is nothing to sneeze at, as they could make the difference between settling on a decent projector versus something quite a bit brighter for the same end-price.
The $1000 (yes one thousand smackers) rebates apply to the Infocus ScreenPlay 7205 and 7210 models purchased from any authorized dealer between September 1st and November 30th 2006. If a 720p native projector was already part of your future home theater plans, this rebate is well worth considering.
The 7205 can be found for around 3k before rebate and a quick glance at on-line pricing shows the 7210 at just above 4k. I haven’t made much effort in hiding my praise for both the 7205 and 7210 but at these prices there as close to a sure bet as I could recommend. Details on the rebates can be found here.