BenQ 37-inch LCD TV, (VH3745) 1080p

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Μέλος Σωματείου
17 June 2006
Ενδιαφέρον κομμάτι…για να δούμε πότε θα φθάσει στο Ελλαντα και σε τι τιμή…
Taiwan market: BenQ unveils 37-inch HDTV
[Friday 16 June 2006]

BenQ launched its second 37-inch LCD TV, the VH3745, in the Taiwan market recently.

BenQ is offering the VH3745 at a price of NT$59,900 (US$1,840). The full high-definition (HD) model features a resolution of 1920x1080, a contrast ratio of 1,200:1 and a brightness of 550 nits. The TV also has a built-in high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) and a viewing angle (vertical/ horizontal) of 176 degrees.

The ASP (average selling price) for 37-inch LCD TVs in the Taiwan market this year will be similar to the ASP for the 32-inch segment last year, said Rong Hua Chen (transliterated from Chinese), senior marketing president of BenQ.

BenQ recently also cut prices for its VL3231 32-inch LCD TV to NT$36,900 down 14% from NT$42,900, added the company.

BenQ introduced its first 37-inch model (DV3750) to the Taiwan market in August of 2005 with a price tag of NT$72,900.



AVClub Fanatic
17 June 2006
Andronidis Akis said:
GeonX μηπως γνωριζεις αν θα ερθει τιποτα σε μεγαλυτερο μεγεθος ?

Πως φαινεται οτι σε εχει επηρεασει ο Γιγας ...:D