BWU-100A Internal Blu-ray™ Disc Rewritable DriveBWU-100A


Μέλος Σωματείου
17 June 2006
Έχει πάρει το μάτι σας αν πωλείτε στην Ελλάδα το κάτωθι drive ?


Sony’s first generation Blu-ray Disc drive for the computer offers the best of all worlds by recording virtually all BD/DVD/CD disc formats in one internal package. The BWU-100A drive supports recording both 50GB and 25GB BD-R (write once) and BD-RE (rewritable) discs, as well as 4.7 GB DVD+R/+RW/RAM, 8.5GB DVD+R Double/Dual Layer, and CD-R/-RW discs. Because you can store up to 4 hours of 1080 HD video on a single dual layer 50G BD disc, the BWU-100A is the perfect solution for keeping High Definition video shot on your HDV camcorder in native HD. Boasting up to 50GB of online, random access storage, BD discs are ideal for computer backup and data storage applications. Since the BWU-100A can record DVDs and CDs, all your burning projects can be handled by a single drive. Comprehensive Cyberlink® software suite is included to author BD and DVD discs as well as general disc burning for BD/DVD/CDs. Works with Windows® XP and Windows 2000 PCs.

Record up to 50GB data or 4 hours of 1080 HD video to a single BD disc

Keeps HD video in native 1080 format

Multi-format Drive Burns BD, DVD, and CD discs

Store up to 50GB on a single BD-R/-RE disc

Ideal companion for a HDV camcorders

Easy to install internal PC drive

Works with Windows® 2000/XP

Back Up Your Computer, Make Music Discs, and More


Μέλος Σωματείου
17 June 2006
Southern Coast of Tavros beach
Jos3ph said:
Γύρω στα 800 ευρώ το drive και 25 ευρώ τα δισκάκια ... Είναι ακριβό ακόμα το μωρό, μετά το νέο έτος θα συμφέρει ( 300 ευρώ ) ...

και πάλι ακριβό μου φαίνεται!!!:ernaehrung004:


Μέλος Δ.Σ.
Staff member
17 June 2006
ελα ντε και με τιτλους για κλωτσες και ανευ υποτιτλων? σιγα ....μην τους δωσω την χιλιαδουρα

σε κανα χρονο θα χει διακοσαρισει για πλακα