[CEDIA] Runco to Introduce 8 New 1080p Products

17 June 2006
Introducing trend-setting products has made Runco into a market leader, and this fall, the company will continue that with eight new 1080p products.
Runco president Bob Hana says that the products will hit a number of price points and will be available to the company's dealers shortly. "We've announced the first one, the RS-1100 Ultra. It is a [true] 1080p machine, with digital-cinema grade optics. It has ViviX processing, and a MSRP of $19,995," he notes.
"Part of the reason why we are talking about the RS-1100 is because we'll be shipping it in a couple of weeks after we complete the final stages of quality control. This unit will also be offered with our CineWide technology that addresses 2.35. We will offer the RS-1100 with Cinewide fixed and CineWide AutoScope. Due to its optics, it will also available in short- and long-throw versions. The MSRPs will vary depending on how its configured; CineWide fixed is $25,995 and the RS-11100 Ultra with CineWide and AutoScope will be $28,995."
Hana adds that dealers attending CEDIA will have something to look forward to. "We are going to announce an entire family products from single-chip to three-chip 1080p products that span up and down the price range," he says.
"We will have 1080p solutions that start at $12,000 and three-chip solutions that range up to $100,000. There will be eight different 1080p solutions, not counting the different variations of CineWide options. We are doing this because firmly believe that one projector does not fit all of our consumers. Our charter is to give our dealers a Runco solution that fits every application. To us, 1080p is a great resolution, but we want to give our customers choices so we will also provide our customers with 720p." a


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24 June 2006
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