Denon Announces New DVD Players with 1080p

17 June 2006
[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]DVD-3930CI, DVD-2930CI and DVD-1930CI DVD Players with 1080p Upscaling and DVD-1730CI with exceptional value and price point[/FONT]
Denon Electronics today introduced five new models to its line of advanced DVD players and changers. The new models place a clear focus on enhanced image quality, connectivity and maximum utility for custom installations. To emphasize the inclusion of special features and capabilities geared toward professional custom installers, in fact, three of the new products include the initials “CI” (for Custom Integration) in their model numbers. Denon’s new DVD players include: DVD-3930CI (SRP: $1,499), DVD-2930CI (SRP: $849), DVD-1930CI (SRP: $369) and DVD-1730 (SRP: $169). The company is also adding a new 5-disc DVD changer: the DVM-1835 (SRP: $249).​
DVD-3930CI & DVD-2930CI: High-Performance, Advanced Technology, New Prices
As Denon’s DVD lineup has evolved over the years, the company has consistently placed an emphasis on bringing the advanced high-end features and custom-installation friendly capabilities of its flagship models to lower-priced players. Nowhere is this “trickle-down” effect more evident than in the company’s new universal DVD-3930CI and DVD-2930CI players.


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17 June 2006
Both DVD players offer a host of today’s most sophisticated technologies and features, including the capability of improving the image quality of standard definition DVDs by outputting content in crystal-clear 1080p resolution via HDMI output, as well as SACD and DVD-Audio playback and more. Both models are engineered from the ground up to provide custom installers with the tools they need to create ultimate-quality home entertainment systems for their customers while putting no-compromise image quality and convenience features within reach of a broader base of consumers. For added utility in the custom installation market, both players include an RS-232 port and remote in/out ports that provide two-way integrated system control, facilitating their use with third-party system controllers, and in whole-house multi-room audio/video applications.
The Denon DVD-3930CI offers many of the same leading-edge characteristics as Denon’s acclaimed flagship DVD-5910CI, including the advanced Silicon Optix chipset, the Realta HQV (Hollywood Quality Video). Key to the chip’s image-enhancing power is its ability to perform over 1-trillion video processing operations per second. In addition, the Silicon Optix chipsets in both the DVD-3930CI and DVD-2930CI feature advanced HQV SD/HD multi-directional 10-bit diagonal filters (MDDF) that remove any “jaggies” and/or stair-stepping artifacts from de-interlaced video sources, without blurring the image. Like the DVD-5910CI, the DVD-3930CI also features the latest video scaling, which provides for the new 1080p output capabilities via HDMI digital video output which eliminates the digital-to-analog conversions required by other types of video connections and provide the finest picture quality for today’s most advanced display devices. Denon Pixel Image Correction (DPIC) further enhances image reproduction capabilities, and remote I/O ports add to the DVD-3930CI’s flexibility in integrated home entertainment systems. For the ultimate in audio playback quality, the DVD-3930CI features Burr-Brown PCM-1796 Audio DACs.
17 June 2006
DVD-2930CI: Denon’s First Use of Silicon Optix REON Processor
The DVD-2930CI is the first DVD player to feature the new Silicon Optix REON VX chip, which is specifically designed to deliver optimum picture quality for content shown by major TV networks and Hollywood DVDs. Key features of the new chip include no-compromise HQV TRUE 1080i-to-1080p de-interlacing, which uses the full four-field processing window for HD video de-interlacing and cadence detection, thus preserving the rich details in HD imagery. In addition, the REON processor includes HQV Noise Reduction, a pixel-by-pixel noise and motion measurement that detects and reduces the analog and MPEG noise that currently plagues DVD and broadcast sources, as well as HQV Detail Enhancement that pulls out fine details in DVD images, making them appear close to HD quality. And like Denon’s advanced DVD-5910, DVD-3910 and DVD-2910 players, the DVD-2930CI feature image-enhancing Denon Pixel Image Correction (DPIC).Other leading-edge features of the DVD-3930CI include on-board keystone correction, PC compatible format scaling (VGA, XGA, WXGA, SXGA), compatibility with Denon Link 3rd Edition, selected Bass Management and DiVX version 6.0 compatibility. The DVD-3930CI and DVD-2930CI are both currently available.


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17 June 2006
DVD-1930CI and DVD-1730: Added Value Features at Affordable Price Points
Denon’s new DVD-1930CI with 1080p output and DVD-1730 with 1080i output offer users a host of value-added, custom-installation friendly features at affordable new price points. For instance, the DVD-1930CI features the Faroudja FLI2301 DCDi chipset, providing image-enhancement technologies such as improved Film Mode, 3:2 pulldown detection and de-interlacing, and five Progressive Mode memory settings that enable viewers to fine-tune picture quality to their particular preference. The result is remarkably clear, high-resolution image quality, free from picture artifacts. Additional audio/video enhancements in the DVD-1930CI include HDMI 1.1 output compatibility, SACD and DVD-Audio playback, discrete interlaced and progressive video D/A converters and high performance Burr Brown Audio DACs. The DVD-1730 is currently available and the DVD-1930CI is slated to ship to dealers in August 2006.

Μιχάλης Κορ.

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18 June 2006
Πολύ ενδιαφέροντα τα παραπάνω μηχανήματα, ειδικά το 2930.
Να ρωτήσω κάτι αν ξέρετε ? Το 1080p το ανεβάζουν και σε αυθεντικά δισκάκια ή μόνο σε αντίγραφα ασφαλείας ?