Disney υπέρ Blue-Ray


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24 June 2006
Απο οτι φαινεται η Disney γινεται η τεταρτη εταιρια παραγωγης ταινιων που συμφωνησε με το Blue-Ray format, εναντι τριων που εχουν παει με το μερος του HD-DVD format.

Disney joins format wars with Blu-ray plan

Upping the ante in the battle for the new generation of DVDs, Disney is to become the first Hollywood studio to provide original, high-definition content in the Blu-ray format.

The company will produce a series of short films, entitled Blu-Scape, which will be shot in high-definition. They will be directed by Louis Schwartzberg, whose previous work includes America's Heart and Soul, a feature-length snapshot of US society.

The shorts will accompany nine movies Disney is expected to release on Blu-ray DVDs this autumn, such as Glory Road, a basketball drama, and Eight Below, a story of survival set in the Antarctic. Disney says the shorts will be "inspired" by these films.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney's decision is a critical step in establishing Blu-ray as the DVD format film fans will have to buy in the future. In recent years, Toshiba and Sony have been battling each other to impose their own versions - Toshiba with HD-DVD and Sony with Blu-ray.

The rivalry is heated because big money is at stake. In the US alone, it is expected that consumers will spend $10bn (£5.4bn) on new generation DVDs by 2010. The battle is reminiscent of the 1980s showdown between VHS and Betamax to become the standard videotape format - which ended with VHS's overwhelming market dominance. Disney's expected announcement will make it the fourth studio to announce DVD releases on Blu-ray, tipping the scale in favour of the format. The HD-DVD has so far three backers.