Downloadable SACD quality files?


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27 June 2006
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The format we offer is lossless WMA at various high bit rates (check each title for actual details). This file type is suitable primarily for use on a PC. These files can be played on a MAC, but with limited use. They cannot be imported directly into iTunes on a MAC. This download is offered for those who desire the best sound possible. The quality is identical to that of an SACD. The format will be dependent on the actual recording method we used originally. No DSD files are offered as it is not possible to play them back on a PC so an equivalent PCM format is offered. These files offer true "studio quality" and are what was used by Linn to produce the production version of our CD releases. Be sure to check compatibility with your PC sound card etc before you download a file and note that large amounts of storage space are required for each track.