Epson Selects the Realta HQV Video Processing Engine

17 June 2006
Epson has set a new price/performance bar with the introduction of the PowerLite Pro Cinema 800 projector, featuring 3LCD technology and an external HQV TX3 videoprocessing box for $6,999 (minimum retail price).
<SPAN class=white>“We selected HQV processing because it delivers the best image quality in the industry. When viewing high-definition (HD) material with the PowerLite Pro Cinema 800 and HQV processing, one can see every detail and nuance in scenes, from strands of hairs to threads in suits and ties. These kinds of details are lost with other video processors,” said Lowell Wolf, Product Manager, Home Entertainment Division, Epson


AVClub Fanatic
17 June 2006
Εχουμε specs για τον επσον και το εξωτερικο hqv που το συνοδευει?