Guinness World Record TV!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2 August 2006
Did you know the Guinness World Record people are still around, counting and tallying obscure achievements? Apparently so and they felt the need to crown LG the top honor for "largest LCD TV" thanks to their 100-inch big boy. Oh man, 100-inches is a lot of LCD goodness with the screen measuring 6.6 feet across and 3.6 feet high with the ability to produce 1.07 billion colors. The closest other LCD TV measures in at a mere 82-inch coming from Samsung but we have a feeling that this award was bestowed a little to late. Well, the TV has been out since March 8th, and while it is the largest LCD TV currently made, technology leap frogs and CES is just right around the corner and one of the other major LCD supporters (Sharp, Sony, Samsung) will outsize LG's 100-inch by at least an inch or two. We can only image how hard it must be for the record people to keep up with these technical achievements. (biggest this, smallest that, fastest other-thing) Maybe the should keep to the more constant accomplishment of shooting milk out of your tear ducts.


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29 June 2006
MHTΣ said:
Nομίζω είναι πατάτα... Kάπου αλλού εδώ μέσα έχει threadαριστεί.

Δεν με πειράζει... :flipout:
100 ίντζες μου κάνει... :ernaehrung004:
καλές είναι και οι πατάτες...:Banane0: