HDMI 1.3 Is it worth the wait???


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2 August 2006
The problem with blogs like ours is that you learn about technology at such a rapid pace that sometimes you put off purchasing something because you know that a better item is right around the corner. Such is the case with HDMI 1.3. Don wants a new LCD TV and receiver but wants to know if it is worth it to wait for HDMI 1.3? (Quick refresher course on HDMI 1.3: higher speed capacity, 46-bit color, support for lossless formats such as Dolby HD DTS-HD, smaller HDMI connector for portable devices.)

So is it worth waiting for the new spec to hit TVs and receivers? No and maybe. HDMI 1.3 does allow for a higher color profile but this extra space is going to be used for creature comforts such as PIP and overlay menus; you will not likely see an increase in picture quality. We feel strongly that it isn't worth waiting for HDMI 1.3 to be included in a TV but it might be worth getting an HDMI 1.3 equipped AV receiver though. HDMI is a single cable solution and currently if you want the lossless audio such as Dolby TrueHD soundtrack from your HD DVD disc, a person needs to use six analog RCA cables instead of one HDMI cable. Many people keep audio receivers for years more than the TV stays as the main set in the household and you don't want to limit yourself in that regard but these receivers can cost lots more then your Best Buy/Circuit City ad piece. If a person is looking to drop more on the receiver then the TV, then yes, wait for HDMI 1.3 otherwise you are going to be waiting a long time for 'em to hit the $500 mark and still be quality. In the end Don, it's all about personal preference and how much of an investment it is for the person.


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19 June 2006
Πιστευω πως θα πεσει πολυ κλαμα απο τους κατασκευαστες , τα καταστηματα και τους πελατες οταν θα αποτυγχανουν τα 1.3 να μεταφερουν σωστα το σημα .
Μολις που καταφεραν καποια απο τα σημερινα HDMI να παιζουν 1080p τα 15 μετρα .