HP Shows First Blu-ray Writer

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Μέλος Σωματείου
17 June 2006
…και όπως φαίνεται καμία εταιρεία δεν σκοπεύει να πάρει θέση υποστηρίζοντας το ένα η το άλλο φόρμα…η HP παρουσίασε το δικό της Blu-Ray writer ενώ ήδη έχει παρουσιάσει και HD DVD writer…καλά είναι να είσαι member του North American HD DVD Promotional Group αλλά όπως λένε και τα αμερικανάκια money talks and bullshit walks και με μισό μυριο PS3 ήδη στα χέρια καταναλωτών (έναντι 250Κ HD DVD players/ HDD 360 drives κλπ) καλό είναι να έχουμε ανοικτή τη πόρτα στις εξελίξεις…



Who could forget this memorable quote from a Sept. 29, 2005, press release: "From a PC end-user perspective, Blu-ray is a superior format. It offers 67-150% more storage capacity, higher transfer rates, slim-line notebook compatibility, broadband connectivity and a proven interactive layer with BD-Java," said Maureen Weber, General Manager of Hewlett Packard's Personal Storage Business. "The technical merits and consumer benefits of Blu-ray Disc make it the ideal solution for HP's customers."

Dell and HP had broken ranks with Microsoft, a staunch advocate of HD DVD.

Almost one year later, in July 2006, we get the announcement that HP, along with Universal Studios, Warner, Paramount, Intel, Microsoft and Toshiba had formed the North American HD DVD Promotional Group, a new trade organization to promote the HD DVD format.

HP showed one of the first HD DVD players in a Media Center PC at CES 2006.

HP is now making nice with everyone, and the company is showing its first Blu-ray product, the HP bd135 Blu-ray Disc Writer, that is expected to ship in the spring.

"We already have an HD DVD writer," says HP's Courtney Coe. "We're in both camps. We want them both [HD DVD and Blu-ray] to be available."

The price of the Blu-ray writer has not been announced.