InFocus SP8600


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8 July 2006
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Key Features
•DLP projector
•Full HD (1920χ1080) resolution
•DarkChip 3 chipset
•6-segment colour wheel
•5-year parts, 3-year labour and 1-year lamp warranty

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19 June 2006
Δύο σχόλια αναγνωστών:

Many specialized sites say It's not a Darkchip 3 but a Darkchip 2.
Are you abolutely sure it's a DC3 on the Infocus SP8600 ?

I would advise anyone who is interested in this projector to talk to people who have owned it for half a year. Join an AV forum if you have to. The image is great out of the box and bang for the buck BUT the quality is poor. I have has so many frustrating eperiences with this projector and am now shopping for a replacement unit. On my projector there were serveral issues. Every time I stopped a DVD the screen would freeze, then I had syncing issues through HDMI and after a few months the colour wheel sounded like a chainsaw cutting glass. I have no confidence in this brand and even though the manufacturer has an exchange policy in Europe, they have had stock outs and couldn't replace. Also, what's the point in replacing my unit with another bad unit? Don't want to go on too much, but read up on any good AV forum and you'll see that this InFocus has serious quality issues.


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22 August 2009
AMY Γιοβάνος 2106133000. Πάντως το review που πόσταρε ο Γιάννης μάλλον απογοητευτικό και αποτρεπτικό για αγορά θα το χαρακτήριζα.
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