Internet Radio με το Front-Row

Μιχάλης Κορ.

Staff member
18 June 2006
Αν κ το πρόγραμμα Front-Row έχει βγει εδώ κ ένα χρόνο, δεν έχει την δυνατότητα να διαχειρίζεται ραδιοφωνικούς σταθμούς ενώ το iTunes μπορεί. Βρέθηκε λοιπόν η λύση κ είναι κ πολύ απλή.

Ιδού :

Internet Radio in FrontRow
FrontRow was released over a year ago. It plays full-length movies, music, pictures, and even trailers off the Internet. Yet with all these great features, it still doesn't have an option to play Internet Radio. iTunes has an extensive list of Internet radio stations to listen to, but FrontRow doesn't see them. This also includes most MPEG Audio Stream Internet radio stations not in included in itunes.

Here's how you can get those Internet Station into FrontRow and start listening to Live Internet Radio in style.
  1. Find your Internet Radio Stations: Navigate through the iTunes Radio stations or find any M3U stations out there on the Internet.
  2. Add them to the Library: Simply drag these radio stations to your iTunes Library. This will save the m3u file locally as an iTunes Track.
  3. Organize: Finding these stations in FrontRow can be difficult, especially with larger libraries. Create a Smart Play list, based on 'Kind', and looking for 'MPEG audio stream.'. This will find all your Internet radio stations. Now in FrontRow you simply have to pull up the correct play list.
If your looking for some alternates to the iTunes list, I would recommend Mike's Radio World. It is probably the most extensive collection of internet radio links on the net. Look for the WinAmp stations for iTunes compatability.

In future releases of FrontRow, I hope Apple will add the Internet Radio Stations under the Music category in the next release, and adds it to AppleTV, for those going with that route.