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17 June 2006
In other LG news, Perry reviewed industry trends driving the market in the transition to digital content including the accelerated transition to HDTV, strong flat-panel TV growth and shifts in screen size preferences. For the first time, he said, LCD and plasma reached price parity at the 42-inch size with fast-dropping prices in LCD. He sees 42-inch flat-panel TVs selling for between $1,700-$2,600 during the second half of 2006 and 50-inch plasmas ringing up between $2,000-$3,000.
LG's contribution will include a 47-inch LCD TV, the 47LB1DA ($4,000), which ships next month with CableCard capability and dual HDMI inputs. The company also showed an impressive 60-inch 1080p plasma ($5,900) that boasts a 7000:1 contrast ratio. The 60-inch plasma, with two HDMI inputs, will ship to stores in September.
In addition, LG has announced a line of 2 megapixel LCD HDTVs with built-in 250 GB hard drives and PVR capability. The 1080p-capable TVs, a 37- and 42-incher (37LB2DR, 42LB2DR), round out LG's other 1080p offerings in 47- and 55-inch models. The products, which offer 6,000:1 contrast ratios, will roll out first in Korea, and then hit the U.S. and Europe in Q3. The company says the TVs will cost only 10% more than their 720p counterparts.


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24 June 2006
Ετσί έτσι!! Να βλέπω να πέφτουν οι τιμές γιατί είμαστε και παιδιά της παντρειάς!!! :Banane0: :Banane0:


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23 June 2006
Re: Απάντηση: LG news

panosxgr said:
Ετσί έτσι!! Να βλέπω να πέφτουν οι τιμές γιατί είμαστε και παιδιά της παντρειάς!!! :Banane0: :Banane0:

Και οι παντρεμένοι έχουν ψυχή !!!! :Banane0: :Banane0:
16 July 2006
Απάντηση: Re: Απάντηση: LG news

Γιώργος Χατζηδάκης said:
Και οι παντρεμένοι έχουν ψυχή !!!! :Banane0: :Banane0:

Αυτο ΞΑΝΑΠΕΣΤο !!!!:grinning-smiley-043 :grinning-smiley-043

εμεις δηλ, δεν δικαιουμαστε ;;;;;; χεχε
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