Monster's Linux Device Brings Intelligence To Home Control

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AVClub Fanatic
17 June 2006
Rich Green has seen the future of home automation and it looks like a Monster.
Green is president and CEO of home integrator Rich Green Ink, director of CEDIA's new technology council and the go-to man for CEDIA members looking for the next hot trend. He didn't hesitate a second when asked what was the most important product or technology trotted out at the recent CEDIA Expo, the country's biggest show dedicated to integrated home technologies. "What I saw was absolutely the most exciting thing to hit home automation: Monster's Einstein," he said from his Palo Alto headquarters. "It's a real high-end networked approach to streaming HD video and music. The most interesting thing is how the system integrates a cell phone into a handheld remote for home theater, home control, VoIP and an can act as an overall communications device for the home. It also has a beautiful interface, it's priced competitively and it's based on open standards; it's not a closed attempt at a monopoly. It really opens up the sandbox."

Monster Cable says the system will have a soft launch at the Consumer Electronics Show in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with a full launch to about 240 select dealers March 25. Like most CEDIA Expos, there is usually one product that generates an overall buzz. Two years ago it was Control4, while last year it was Exceptional Innovation's Life|ware, two systems that aim to make home control affordable to the masses. Over the last few years vendors have also increasingly focused on delivering easier-to-use remote controls and systems, as well as more user-friendly interfaces. Home integrators at CEDIA said they were also impressed with some of the new Windows Media Center PCs designed specifically for home entertainment applications, although many integrators are still waiting for the products to gain traction in the home

....ολο το αρθρο εδω.....

[SIZE=-1]Monster Cable will be soft-launching its new Einstein home control offering at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, with a full launch to select dealers to follow.
The Nucleus ($4,000), the system's core, is the head-in controller and media distribution unit. It's responsible for interacting with the home's automation elements, from lighting to security to VoIP. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]The Electron ($2,500) serves as the client interface and end points, acting as a media adapter and controller for the local systems[/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]The Photon ($2,399) is a 200-disc DVD changer with duel transport, which means it can play two DVDs at once to any endpoint. It is also fully DRM compliant. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]The Neutron ($4,900) is a RAID5 960Gbyte storage platform that can scale up to 7.2 TBytes. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=-1]The Astro ($1,500) is a three-zone Sirius radio tuner. [/SIZE]

-bye- -bye- -bye-


AVClub Fanatic
2 August 2006
Καπου εχω το μπλοκ των επιταγων αλλα δεν το βρισκω τωρα:violent-smiley-011:

Τσαμπα πραμα...-bye-


AVClub Fanatic
17 June 2006
Καλα, τα χρηματα αστα, δεν το συζητω. Παντως οι εταιριες το εχουν παρει σοβαρα το θεμα του κεντρικου συστηματος και του δικτυου στο σπιτι ....


17 July 2006
εχω μια υπεροχη βαριοπουλα 25 κιλων απο βολφραμιο οταν χρειαστει να σπασω κατι ξερω τι ειναι αυτο


Μέλος Σωματείου
7 September 2006
Εκεί ψηλά.....
θελω κι εγω μια .......βαριοπουλα περ φαβορ.........

και μετα σου λενε πεινανε τα παιδια στο 3ο κοσμο.......