New A/V Receivers from Marantz

17 June 2006
Marantz recently unveiled their 01 series of surround receivers which range in price from $549.99 to $1999.99, all totaled there are 5 new receivers in the line and as predicted none include HDMI 1.3. Several of the new receivers however facilitate 4 HDMI inputs, compared to the standard 2/3 HDMI inputs found on many other A/V receivers.

First up in the 01 line is the SR4001
Dolby Digital EX/DTS ES Surround Receiver, which retails for $549.99 and includes:
• 80 Watts x 7 Channels All Discrete Amplifier Stages
• HDMI (v1.1) Repeating: 2-In/1-Out
• On Screen Display
• 3 Assignable Component Inputs
• S-Video to Component Up-Conversion
• 2nd Zone Audio Output (Same source)
• Dolby Headphone
• IR Flasher Input
• Learning Backlit Remote
Next up in the series Marantz offers the SR5001
XM Ready Surround Sound Receiver, which retails for $749.99 and offers features such as:
• HDMI (V1.1) Repeating: 2-In/1-Out
• Dual Component Outputs
• XM-Ready with Discrete IR Commands
• Up-Conversion to Component
• 2nd Zone Audio Output (Individual source)
• Stereo/Mono Switching for 2nd Zone
• Lip Sync. Control
• RS-232C Control
• IR Flasher Input
• DC Trigger Output
• New Shallower Chassis (<16”)
• 90W x7-Ch Discrete Amp.
Moving up a little farther into the 01 line we have the ZR6001SP
with “DAvED technology” (Digital Audio via Electrical Distribution) DAvED is a multi-room audio distribution standard, which allows for plug and play multi-zone operation. The R6001SP retails for $1299.99.
• 90 Watts x 7 Channels
• Simple Set-up Menu and new Cursor Controlled Advanced Menu
• 7 Channels of Discrete Amplification (SA ready - Current Feedback)
• Video Up/Down Conversion
• 32bit DSP with 192 kHz/24-bit D/A converters for all channels
• Variable Crossover Points
• Detachable power cord
• HDCD decoding
• Pure Direct Mode
• Multi-room /Multi-source Audio with discrete commands
Pushing up into the upper tier of the 01 series, A/V receivers is the SR7001
THX Select2 Surround Sound A/V Receiver with a suggested retail of $1399.99. Features include:
• THX Select2 Certified
• HDMI (V1.2) Repeating: 4-In/1-Out
• Up-Conversion (w/TBC) to HDMI with 480I/480P Converter
• Current Feedback Amplification
• 2nd Zone Audio/Video Output
• Audyssey Auto Calibration
• Dolby Virtual Speaker 2
• XM-Ready with Discrete IR Commands
• IR Flasher Input
• 2 DC Trigger Outputs
• New Shallower Chassis (<16”)
• 110W x7-Ch Discrete Amp.
And last but by no means least is the ‘01’ series flagship surround receiver, which weighs in at a hefty 33lbs. The Marantz SR8001
THX Select2 Surround Receiver retails at $1999.99.
• HDMI (v1.2) Repeating - 4 In, 2 Out
• Up-Conversion (with TBC) to HDMI with 480I/480P Converter
• Current Feedback Amplification
• XM-Ready with Discrete IR Station Access
• Assignable Dual Component Outputs
• 2nd Zone (A/V) and 3rd Zone Audio Outputs (Individual sources)
• IR Receiver In and x2 IR Emitter Outs
• 2 DC Trigger Outputs
• Audyssey Auto Calibration
• Toroidal Transformer & Copper Plated Chassis
• New Shallow Chassis (<16")
• 125W x7-Ch Discrete Amp

Αν και καινούργιοι δεν υποστηρίζουν HDMI 1,3 ..


AVClub Enthusiast
19 June 2006
Έχουν όμως Audyssey Calibration ε; Νόμιζα ότι μόνο της Denon το χρησιμοποιούσαν...