NuForce Air DAC uWireless System


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13 July 2007
Τι σας λέει αυτό για wireless λύση σύνδεση pc-receiver; Για mp3 νομίζω είναι είναι αποδεκτά τα χαρακτηριστικά του. Γνωρίζει κάποιος κάτι σχετικό;

NuForce Air DAC's wireless technology lets you stream music from your computer USB port or mobile devices to up to four different receivers throughout your home or office. Easily get CD-quality sound with no latency and no interference throughout your environment-wirelessly, with Air DAC.
The NuForce Air DAC wireless DAC/receiver and associated TX transmitters are based on a new wireless technology known as SKAA ( SKAA provides seamless operation and a consistent user interface across different SKAA devices. SKAA technology has several advantages resulting in CD-quality sound and ease of setup described in more detail below.
[h=6]Air DAC offers:[/h]
  • CD-quality sound, no latency, no interference with other Wi-Fi signals
  • Simple control and setup - no software, setup or pairing
  • Stream music to up to four receivers, and from up to four devices
  • Works with any digital audio from music, movies, and games
  • Works anywhere without interference - no wifi "hot spot" needed for reception