Optoma DLP-Based Rear Projection Consumer Display


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17 June 2006

Optoma Unveils Largest 1080p, DLP-Based Rear Projection Consumer Display – the 120-inch BigVizion Introduced at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show
The BigVizion Line of Rear-Projection Displays Features Native 1080p Resolution, Amazingly Slim Depth and ISFccc Modes
Las Vegas (January 8, 2007) – Optoma, one of the leading manufacturers of digital projection and display devices, has unveiled its latest native 1080p display, the 120-inch (diagonal) BigVizion™. The Optoma BigVizion is a line of DLP® -based rear-projection displays that is available through Optoma's network of key distributors and dealers. The BigVizion is a customizable display that can be installed or built-into a wall.
Utilizing a single-mirror system with Texas Instruments' DLP chipset, the 120-inch BigVizion joins the family of BigVizion displays, which are currently available in three other sizes, 80-, 90- and 100-inches. For this category of display, the BigVizion displays have one of the slimmest depths for rear-projection displays, an estimated 40-inch depth for the 120-inch model.
The BigVizion comes with Optoma's proprietary video enhancement processor and light engine, which ensure all input signals are displayed as 1080p. The engine can be accessed from the front of the optical screen for installation and future upgrades as needed.
BigVizion features 10,000:1 contrast, IR pass-through for system integration, precision pixel matching technology for 1:1 scan conversion, multiple inputs, including: HDMI, BNC, RGBHV, VGA, S-Video, Composite, Component and supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p inputs.
Targeted for the professional home theater installer market, BigVizion ships as an easy-to-install modular system. BigVizion comes with a customizable color scheme, to easily change the bezel color to match a customers' décor.
The BigVizion line of 1080p displays is available through authorized and certified Optoma BigVizion distributors and installers/dealers.
The 120-inch BigVizion has an estimated MSRP of $49,999 and will be available in the second half of 2007.
Product Information:
Model Number MSRP Availability HDBV3100 (100-inch) $29,999 Now HDBV3090 (90-inch) $24,999 Now HDBV3080 (80-inch) $22,999 Now


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Μα καλά, με ποιά λογική τιμολογεί την 100αρα όσο πέντε optoma 81?? Για την 120αρα ούτε λόγος να γίνεται!!
Για ένα προϊόν που έτσι κι αλλιώς έχει φοβερή δυσκολία τοποθέτησης σε σχέση με έναν προβολέα, λόγω βάθους (40 ίντσες βάθος!!!), κυριολεκτικά θα το θάψει με αυτή την τιμολογιακή πολιτική!
Φαντάσου την sony να τιμολογούσε τις SXRD οπίσθιας προβολής της παραπάνω από pearl και ruby, θα είχε ποτέ την απήχηση που έχει τώρα? Και τι μελλον να έχουν οι τηλεοράσεις της optoma όταν η 70αρα SXRD είναι στα 5500 ? (http://www.plaisio.gr/product.aspx?catalog=15&category=69976447&product=894419)