Optoma HD81-LV DLP Projector


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17 June 2006

Starting off with the first of many CES 2007 projector updates, Optoma has introduced three new DLP projectors for business and home cinema purposes. First up is their new 1080p HD81-LV, which annihilates its predecessor, the HD81, in terms of brightness and contrast. Clocking in at 2500 ANSI lumens and a 12,000:1 contrast, Optoma is delivering to the consumers demanding brighter home cinema projectors for well-lit environments - 2500 ANSI lumens is definitely bright enough for daytime use in any room in the home. Like the HD81, the HD81-LV will have HDMI connectivity, but beyond that little is known - not even the price. Most likely, Optoma will bundle an external video processor with all the connectivity you need like they have for their other high-end projectors. One more added interest to the HD81-LV and HD81 is Optoma’s new BX-AL133 Cinemascope lens they’ve also announced at CES which converts Hollywood movies into their native 2.35:1 aspect ratio for ultra-widescreen viewing. Watching movies the way they were meant to be seen comes at a price, however, with the BX-AL133 running $3,999.