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21 June 2006
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A small company hopes to challenge giants such as Sony and Microsoft with a new game console based on Android. The name is OUYA and the small device has already taken the industry by storm even though it is not on the market yet. More than 8.5 million US dollars has been raised on Kickstarter. OUYA will be available from March 2013.


THE OUYA-PROJECT HAS RAISED OVER 8.5 MILLION DOLLARS IN ONE MONTH.What defines a game console today? It obviously acts as a game console but studies show people in general use more time streaming movies and TV shows than playing games on their PlayStation and Xbox devices. The people behind OUYA believes that they can serve those needs better with a small game console that doubles as a media center solution. OUYA will cost only 109 USD.

OUYA is based on Google’s Android operating system; also found in smartphones and tablets. That basically means that OUYA will have access to popular Android games and that new games designed specifically for the TV screen will be playable in the future.

Because OUYA utilizes Android users will be able to install other apps or video streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.

Popular media center solutions such as XBMC and Plex have also announced that they are coming to the OUYA interface. With XBMC and Plex users can stream video, music and pictures from other devices in the home or from a network drive.

Android will also supply OUYA with a large developer community, just waiting to develop games. In fact, anyone who owns an OUYA console can open the hardware case and do modifications or start developing software. In other words, OUYA is an “open” game platform that embraces the Android philosophy, and it certainly sounds promising.

Inside OUYA you will find a quad-core A9 CPU from ARM, Nvidia Tegra 3D and a GeForce GPU. It also holds 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage. It can be connected to a TV with HDMI and supports games and video in Full HD resolution. It also comes with built-in Bluetooth, WiFi and an USB port.

OUYA will start shipping out to developers in December and will launch in March 2013. It will cost only 109 USD in USA and 119 USD outside USA.

Are you prepared to replace your current game console with OUYA?