Sim2 Announces 3-Chip 1080p DLP Projector

17 June 2006
Sim2 has pre-announced one of their big guns from the up-coming CEDIA Expo 2006, next week in Denver. The SIM2 Grand Cinema HT5000 claims the title of the world’s first three-chip 1080p DLP projector, designed specifically for home theater use.Warning marketing-speak incoming: "Three-chip DLP front projection is the ultimate expression of home theater performance," commented SIM2 Multimedia CEO Maurizio Cini. "Now, through the implementation of the newly introduced 1080p DMD chipset into our three-chip HT5000 projector system, SIM2
is delivering the most engaging and realistic cinematic experience performance ever available in this market."
The HT5000 sports an impressive 5000:1 contrast ratio and is powered by a 300-watt lamp driven by TI’s DarkChip3 (x3) with native 1080p resolution and while we’ve already seen examples of 1080p projectors slated to be launched at CEDIA, Sim2’s 3-chip DMD implementation is really the belle of the ball in this announcement.
Several weeks ago I had to opportunity to spend some time with the InFocus ScreenPlay 777 (3-chip DLP) and it took me about 20 minutes to be forever spoiled to what 3-chip projectors have to offer. The 777 had the most natural, vibrant color I’ve yet to see from a DLP based projector, combine what I saw with 1920x1080 resolution and I, well let’s just say I’m glad that’s not what I saw because I probably would have been looking around the room for something to pawn.

Pricing for the HT5000 wasn’t mentioned in the press release but suffice to say if Sim2’s single-chip 1920x1080, HT3000 DLP projector retails at the surmised 15k price point, the HT5000 should push well up into the 20k range. Oddly enough however it might give the 1080p single chip, Marantz VP-11S1 a run for its money as the VP-11S1 retails for $19,999. We’ll keep a close eye on Sim2’s pricing for the HT5000 to be announced at next week’s CEDIA 2006 in Denver.


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