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2 August 2006
Virgin and Sky can’t reach deal
Broadcasters still at loggerheads over cost of basic channels.

Squabbling between TV bigwigs Sky and Virgin is likely to reach tipping point today, with Murdoch’s men ready to pull the plug on seven channels they supply to Branson’s latest folly.

If no deal can be reached, Virgin’s 3.3 million customers will wave goodbye to Skys One, Two and Three, Sky News, Sky Sports News, Sky Travel and Sky Travel Extra as of midnight tonight. That means no more 24, Lost or brand new Simpsons.

Sky says it’s asking for 20% more than they currently charge for the basic package. Branson says they’re after twice as much. Neither side wants to lose face, so it seems this really could go the distance.

Virgin says its hefty hi def VOD service is giving them the edge, but disgruntled punters are already talking of switching sides. Stay tuned for any news as we get it.


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3 August 2006
Σημερα που ελεγξα και τα 7 καναλια της αναφορας λειτουργουν κανονικα.
Οι μονες αλλαγες που ειδα ηταν η αντικατασταση του discovery wings με το discovery turbo, και η προσθηκη ενος νεου καναλιου του National Geographic wild