Sony Bravia TV phone !!!


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2 August 2006
Bravia TV phone
Lucky Japanese telly addicts get a Bravia branded mobile for top notch gawping on the go.

First it was Sharp’s Aquos phone, now Sony’s getting in on the quality mobile telly game with a Bravia phone for pixel perfect pictures direct to your pocket.

Once again, it looks like this beautiful blower’s intended only for the Japanese market, but there’s no harm in looking enviously at our Far Eastern cousins’ next hi-tech playthings.

And look envious we will. Sony’s show stopping smartphone squeezes in an ultra-sharp 3-inch screen driven by the “Mobile Bravia Engine.” It’s the result of a collaboration between Sony and Sony Ericsson, and pushes an astonishing 240x432 pixels onto the 16:9 LCD.

There’s a black acrylic border too, so punters lucky enough to finger one will feel like they’re watching a proper gogglebox. Just like Sharp’s contender, the Bravia phone packs in a video recorder, shovelling shows onto Micro SD card.

Sony’s effort matches Sharp’s Aquos with GPS too, and there’s a support for cashless payment systems as well as a 2-meg peeper, for taking pictures rather than watching them.

Grind your jaws with jealousy dear readers, unless you’re eyeing this in Japan, in which case feel free to cackle with glee, the rest of the world’s just turned emerald with envy.