Sony Memory Stick 32GB!!!


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2 August 2006
Sony has teamed up with Sandisk to overhaul its existing Memory Stick format.

The latest addition to Sony’s Memory Stick Pro range might not be big in size, but it’s a giant in capacity.

Dubbed the Memory Stick Pro-HG, it pumps the storage capacity up to a whopping maximum of 32GB.

If there was a memory stick version of Top Trumps, you’d also be checking out other stats such as its 480Mbps data transfer rate, an 8-bit parallel transfer write speed of 120Mbps, a 4-bit parallel transfer rate of 40Mbps and a clock frequency of 60MHz.

The new 8-bit interface also allows data to be shunted onto the card at 60MB per second.

While Sony and Sandisk have already pointed their growth ray at this latest Memory Stick chip, its full 32GB horror won’t be unleashed on the public until early next year.



23 August 2006
Νέα Σμύρνη
Για σκεφτείτε κάποτε πριν από μερικά χρόνια ότι ο μέγιστος δίσκος που μπορούσε να δει το DOS ήταν 32ΜΒ !!!


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15 September 2007
Kalitera giamas tha fortonume oti nane mesa ke den tha skeftomaste giaton xoro katholu.Ala prin xaruma kalitera nakusume tin timi:)