Μέλος Δ.Σ.
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17 June 2006
η ΝΑΣΑ ανακοινωσε οτι θα κανει την πρωτη μεταδοση σε HD απο το διαστημα με καμερα HD που ειχαν στο διαστημικο λεωφορειο Atlantis

NASA plans to make history with the first live HD broadcast from space.

Working with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Discovery HD Theater and Japanese broadcast network NHK, NASA will produce two live HD broadcasts featuring Expedition 14 Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria on the International Space Station, with Flight Engineer Thomas Reiter serving as camera operator.

Discovery HD Theater and NHK will carry the broadcasts from the orbiting laboratory. Discovery HD Theater will carry the special broadcast live Nov. 15 at 10:30 a.m. CST. It also will be shown at Discovery Channel stores.

While previous space missions have flown with HD cameras, tomorrow’s use will be the first live high definition shot from space. Known as the Space Video Gateway, the system will transmit high bandwidth digital television signals to the ground.

The equipment to capture and downlink HDTV signals was delivered to the station by the Space Shuttle Atlantis crew in September.