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20 June 2006
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Toshiba HD-E1 Νοεμβρη στα 599
χαρακτηριστικα hdmi v1.2 με output στα 720p - 1080i

Toshiba HD-EX1 Δεκεμβριο στα 899
χαρακτηριστικα hdmi v1.3 με output στα 720p - 1080p

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Toshiba's HD DVD comes to Europe at a price

Toshiba announced on Friday that it would be initially shipping around 10,000 HD DVD drives to Europe from Japan but that prices would be higher than in the US because the drives had extra features and were thinner.

What are those extra features? Well the top end HD-XE1 will output at 1080p on its HDMI 1.3 connection (the current A crop of players in the US won't do that). The HD-E1 is a poor relation (entry-level?) with 720p and 1080i over HDMI 1.2.

And as for thinner? Well the brickiness of the original players surely doesn't make it difficult to produce a more compact player.

I did say that Europe should get some better players from the word go, with first version hardware having been tested out in the US. How much of the price hike is down to features and how much down to Europeans paying more for their stuff than the US remains to be seen, as the US should also get these updated players later this year.

The Toshiba HD-E1 will ship in November at 599, with the HD-EX1 following in December at 899. We'll keep an eye out for whether the UK gets even more of a price spike when they hit our shores.

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22 June 2006
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