Rehoused lenses

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Μέλος Σωματείου
7 September 2006
Εκεί ψηλά.....

Μεγαλο κομματι της κινηματογραφικης αγορας πλεον χρησιμοποιει rehoused οπτικα ειτε απο φωτογραφικους ειτε απο παλιους κινηματογραφικους φακους που ακομα εχουν περαση.

καλα τα νεα για την Ουκρανικη εταιρεια Ιron glass adapters που δειχνει να ξεπερνα καπως τα δεινα του πολεμου στην χωρα τους και να επαναδραστηριοποιειται

While Iron Glass Adapters weren’t the first to rehouse the Helios, they were the first to build an entire focal range of modded Soviet glass. With their rehousing project now in its second iteration, the Ukrainian lens makers now offer six cine versions of the following lenses:

  • 20mm F3.5 | MIR-20m
  • 28mm F3.5 | MIR-10A
  • 37mm F2.8 | MIR-1V
  • 58mm F2 | Helios 44-2
  • 85mm F2 | Jupiter-9
  • 135mm F2.8 | Tair – 11 A
The Mk.I cinema housings offer a solid new body for the aging photography donor lenses with a 95mm outer diameter and a 92mm filter size. New integrated follow focus and iris gears are also added, and the focus distance markings have been expanded. Lens kits are offered in either PL or EF mount with Imperial or Metric measurements, and the Iron Glass Adapters team even makes a PL to EF adapter.